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Guardian Glass: Coated glass for high performance Panoramic Sunroofs

website maker Guardian Glass and Webasto Luxembourg announce they have entered an agreement for Guardian to supply a new coated glass solution from the Guardian SilverGuard™ product family for Webasto panoramic sunroofs.

With innovative high performance glass Webasto increases maximum comfort and joy in all types of vehicles. Electric vehicles especially do not have a thermal engine; the energy required to heat or cool the interior takes away energy needed to propel the vehicle. This makes heating and cooling efficiency critical to prolonging battery life.

Guardian Glass has developed its new SilverGuard glass using an innovative, low-reflectivity, low-E coating for the surface of the roof inside the car, combined with a solar control coating for the surface facing the laminated glass interlayer. Together these coatings enhance the total solar factor and the thermal insulation of the glass roof, while providing clear views for the advanced oversized roof glass of Webasto. These coatings also help enhance the special features offered by the Webasto products, such as integrated ambient light, light effects, switchable glazing or solar cells.

“We are very pleased to enter into this agreement with Guardian Glass,” said Axel Berning, Managing Director at Webasto Luxembourg. “With the coatings from Guardian, we will start series production of our first high performance glass roofs this year.”

Guardian’s Bascharage plant, in Luxembourg, with the company’s most energy efficient furnace, has already started delivering prototypes, and will start to deliver pre-series SilverGuard glass products in the second half of 2024. The proximity to Webasto Luxembourg helps to bring more efficiency to the manufacture of this product.

Guus Boekhoudt, Executive Vice President of Guardian Glass, added, “Webasto proven, international success providing leading solutions for high performance roofs makes this a mutually beneficial partnership. Guardian Glass looks forward to applying our advanced technology and knowledge to future automotive glass applications in the automotive market.”

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