Guardian debuts new residential glass products

At the recently-held edition of GlassBuild America, Guardian launched two industry-leading residential glass products that will help customers meet and exceed energy standards.

Guardian Industries launched two industry-leading residential glass products at the GlassBuild America show that will help customers meet and exceed energy standards in North America while providing optimal views and comfort to a home.
Guardian ClimaGuard 72/57 was created for northern climates to take advantage of the sun’s natural light and heat. This new low-E from Guardian incorporates a passive solar heat concept to selectively let warm sunshine into the home as a free and sustainable heat source while providing a powerful level of insulation against winter cold. ClimaGuard 72/57 has an uncommonly low U-factor, a neutral colour for outstanding aesthetics and a high visible light transmission.
ClimaGuard 72/57 allows many windows to meet the new Energy Star Version 6.0 criteria without a major redesign and without a fourth-surface coating. Plus, this new coating can be used on surface #3 of an insulated glass unit to meet northern zone criteria, or “flipped” to surface #2 to meet north central criteria.
For the southern climate zones, Guardian ClimaGuard 53/23 was designed to provide unmatched solar protection while maintaining light transmission and crisp views. This triple silver low-E product has a super-low solar heat gain coefficient. Its crystal blue appearance also complements southern architecture, contributing to the aesthetic beauty of the home. This product delivers an impressive light-to-solar gain and a strong U-factor. “These new products are designed to give our customers a competitive advantage,” said Andy Russo, Guardian’s Director of Residential Glass Marketing. “Guardian is giving residential builders, architects and homeowners –from north to south – more options to design and build energy-efficient homes using high performance glass.”