GTS – Glass Technology Services – glass appreciation training

Glass appreciation – an introduction to glass

GTS provides the glass appreciation training course as a delivered solution for larger organisations and associations who wish to provide relevant training to their teams, immediate supply-chain or membership networks. The first of these open courses is being held on 17 May, 2017, delivered on behalf of British Glass – giving access to a wider network of glass manufacturers, processors, product technologists and those dealing with glass in their role throughout food, drinks, branding and retail sectors.
Glass appreciation introduces delegates to glass manufacturing, processing, benefits, environmental and quality considerations, including practical sessions for melting and inspection. The course is delivered in an informative, interactive format by specialists in their respective fields. Key topics from manufacturing, processing and fundamental chemistry to glass properties, defects and failure are covered in an accessible format, making this an ideal introduction for anyone working in glass or otherwise dealing with glass products or issues.
Places are strictly limited in order to encourage an informal atmosphere, increased levels of interaction and participation, including hands-on practical sessions and opportunities for delegates to focus on examples specific to their own areas of work and experience. Whether delegates design, make, source, sell or reuse glass, this course will provide them with the understanding to improve their work with this complex material.