GPI urges US Government to keep glass manufacturing “ESSENTIAL”

Glass bottle and jar production critical to support food and beverage manufacturing companies, as in-store purchases see increasing demand

As businesses across the USA adjust to evolving policies regarding operations and work schedules, the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is requesting local, state and federal policymakers to continue classification of glass food and beverage manufacturing production as an “essential” industry in their COVID-19 related rules and operational restrictions, or to make clear that such operations continue as “essential.”

A Nielsen report issued this morning found consumer purchases of a variety of core grocery store pantry items increased from 10-80 percent, through the end of February 2020. Glass bottle and jar production is essential to meet this continued and growing consumer demand, as grocery and similar outlets for remain open, viable purchasing outlets for consumers. The domestic glass container industry produces over 25 billion food and beverage containers in support of its customer base.

“Our country’s glass container manufacturing companies, their supply chain partners, and along with their dedicated and valued employees, remain committed to meeting their customers’ demand for glass bottles and jars,” said Scott DeFife, President of the Glass Packaging Institute.“We are asking officials and policy makers from all levels of government to ensure that glass container manufacturing, our connected supply chains in the food and beverage supply industry be classified as essential and operate as scheduled to meet demand.”DeFife added that glass manufacturing operations are essential, employee safety is a priority and are taking the proper steps necessary to adjust operations to address the COVID-19 guidance. “Our member companies will continue to take appropriate action for their employees’ safety, closely following guidance issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”