GPD launches two new programs

Over the last 25 years, the GPD team has continuously sought new opportunities in the glass industry and this year is no exception. It is presenting two new special programs for GPD Finland 2017.

GPD Step Change – New Innovation / Startup Companies Program
This new concept is about bringing fresh ideas to GPD Finland 2017. The program aims to introduce innovative new ideas, products and services from startup companies or universities that have potential, but are not yet established in the market.
GPD Finland 2017 will provide a special free Expo Area, creating an opportunity for startup companies and innovators to exhibit their products to the glass industry professionals and investors. The Expo Area is equipped with 4 sq. meter expo booths. In addition, startup companies will be given a specially discounted participation fee.
Investors / Mentor and Ambassador Program
“To provide strong support network for the newcomers, I believe it is very important to build a solid connection between the old and new generation of glass industry professionals,” said Jorma Vitkala, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, GPD Glass Performance Days. “We are launching the Mentor and Ambassador program for active and retired glass industry professionals.
It is crucial that experienced industry specialists are given the opportunity and the platform to pass on their experience, wisdom and networking knowledge, to their younger industry colleagues.
Therefore, the second part of our new concept is to activate the interest of retired industry professionals in becoming GPD Ambassadors to help new companies and a new generation with their network and know-how. As an incentive, we will be offering the first 25 retired GPD Ambassadors that sign up for this program a special ‘Ambassador Rate’ for GPD Finland 2017.” (150 eur +vat. The program committee will reserve rights to screen the ambassadors, mentors, startups and investors).
“We are also looking for investors and Mentors from glass companies, who are interested in finding new ideas, emerging technologies and cooperation,” he said.
– In order to realize GPD Step Change concept, GPD Finland is seeking the following:
 – experienced industry professionals who would like to be part of this program
 – help in identifying new startup companies with innovative ideas, products or services
 – established companies and investors that are searching for new technologies
 – companies that are interested in sponsoring the Step Change concept
In short, we are looking for anyone who is prepared to share their industry network and connections to help make our idea a reality.
Any such contribution and feedback will be highly appreciated. For more information please take a look at