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GPD India: still time to submit a paper

The call for papers for GPD India 2013 is still open. Those wishing to submit a paper should try to address the topics of “Energy Efficiency, Solar and Glass Technology in Warm Climates”.

Those who have not yet submitted a paper for GPD India 2013 can still do so until Friday, 30 November.
The third GPD India will take place 19 and 20 March, in Mumbai. As in 2011, the event is held in conjunction with GLASSPEX INDIA – International Exhibition for Glass – Production Processing Products (20 to 22 March).
GPD India 2013 is focusing on “Energy Efficiency, Solar and Glass Technology in Warm Climates”, following the main GPD 2013 theme for all events (“Energy Management, Solar and Glass Technology”). The energy management in warm climates faces challenges in the area of building insulation. Cooling buildings leads to increased energy consumption and energy related costs. Existing technologies in the glass industry may be implemented to tackle these issues.
Those submitting a paper for GPD India 2013 for any of the proposed sessions in the GPD Call for Papers brochure should try to address the above mentioned ideas.

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