GPD Finland 2013 Welcomes its First Gold Sponsors

The GPD Organizing Committee welcomes of DuPont and Quanex Building Products as Gold Sponsors at GDP Finland 2013, which takes place June 14th through the 17th

The GPD Organizing Committee is proud to welcome the support DuPont de Nemours and Quanex Building Products as Gold Sponsors of GPD Finland 2013, which will take place between the 14th and 17th of June, in Tampere. (With workshops being conducted during June 13th and 14th.)

Mr. Tracy Rogers, Director of Industry Relations & Advanced Technology of Quanex Building Products will chair the IGU and Window Technology session. Mr. Steve Bennison (Global Design Leader) and Mr. Luc Moeyersons (Technical Programs Manager)of DuPont will organize two workshops on Glass Strength and Lamination Techniques. Mr. Luc Moeyersons will also chair one of the Solar sessions, while Mr. Ingo Stelzer (Design Specialist) will be the chairperson of the Structural Engineering – Case Studies session.
Both companies will have at least one technical presentation during the GPD Finland 2013 conference.