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GPD 2025: Collaborative efforts to drive glass industry innovation

Glass Performance Days (GPD) has announced the deepening collaboration between long-standing members of the GPD Program Committee, Prof. Jan Belis and Prof. Christian Louter, who are also part of the driving forces behind the Challenging Glass Conference series. They will coordinate the Program Committee’s work for GPD 2025 Finland. Their involvement in the GPD provides ample opportunity for further interaction between two well-established conferences while each maintaining their own identity.

Prof. Jan Belis and Prof. Christian Louter at GPD 2023

“The Glass Performance Days technical documentation has been extensive over the years. All editions of the conference proceedings published by GPD have been widely referred to by the industry and academia. Our role is to facilitate an effective review process and coordinate the evaluation of submissions behind the scenes. We oversee that the material presented benefits both academia and industry and contributes to high-quality GPD 2025 conference proceedings,” Christian Louter explained.

Shaping a Premier for the GPD 2025 Finland Conference Program
The Program Committee members play a crucial role in curating the program, which not only meets high standards but also aligns seamlessly with the event themes and objectives. Beyond selecting the papers presented, the Program Committee ensures that each session is not only informative but also captivating, fostering an environment of dynamic discussion and knowledge exchange.

“Promoting an engaging conference agenda is always a challenge: a program that reflects the latest trends and challenges in the field, creating a platform for innovative solutions and collaborations for both industry and academy. Christian and me are very much looking forward to collaborating again with other members of the GPD’s Program Committee,” Jan Belis said.

Looking Ahead to GPD 2025
This collaboration highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of the architectural glass industry. With experts like Prof. Jan Belis and Prof. Christian Louter at the helm, supported by the extensive network and experience of GPD, the upcoming conference is poised to set new benchmarks in glass research and application.

Join the events that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of glass. Save the date for GPD 2025 Finland, 10-12 June 2025.

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