GPD 2019 – Farewell party and my retirement party

We received and are happy to publish this letter from Jorma Vitkala, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the GPD (Glass Performance Days)

The GPD farewell party is the best place to meet new people and grow your network. After a successful three-days conference, there will be an evening for free time where all the guests, presenters and professionals gather together and chat in a more relaxed surrounding. This year, the theme for GPD farewell party will be Wild West, which was also the theme back in GPD 2003.

Over the years, it’s been a party that has created great memories and friendships that will last forever. It is the perfect place for communication and business talk, and the good “GPD spirit” is the most important thing for me. This is a gathering where each participant feels free to talk about ideas on how to develop the glass industry in a collaborative way – regardless of one’s job title, profession or organization.

My retirement
The next GPD Conference will be a special milestone to me, as I am becoming to the official retirement age and this is the final GPD that I will be responsible of. Because of that, GPD 2019 farewell party will also be my special retirement party.

After GPD 2019 I will have more free time to spend with my hobbies, such as cooking, gardening and wine tasting.
The GPD farewell party has always played a big part in the success of the conference marketing , as a way to meet old friends, to begin new relationships and especially, to create great memories that will last FOREVER.

After GPD 2019 I will focus on maintaining the ‘GPD Spirit’ and transfer my contacts that we have created together over the last 30 years. The idea that ‘knowledge grows, as knowledge is shared’ has been a constant passion of mine and I look forward to continuing the development of deeper friendships and new cooperation between all the players within the glass industry.

With this spirit of cooperation in mind, I invite you all to attend GPD in Tampere next summer and make it the most memorable farewell party that we have ever had!
As this will be my final farewell party before retirement, I would be particularly pleased to see as many ‘old faces’ and previous participants from the last 30 years of GPD.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the land of the midnight sun!

Best regards,
Jorma Vitkala

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