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GOLDGLASS TECHNOLOGIES: glass finishing machines for glass façade

GOLDGLASS has long been at the forefront of glass finishing, with revolutionary and innovative machinery at affordable prices

An amazing glass facade project in Bnei-Brak, Israel, has been painted with GOLDGLASS TECHNOLOGIES finishing solutions.

11,000 square metre (118,403 square foot) of painted glass façade using @ICD OPACI-COAT-300® Silicone Spandrel Coating Metallic bronze was made possible with tailor-made and innovative glass finishing machines for the 52-story Argaman Seven Stars Tower.

The custom paint line is designed to meet the required coating thickness of 13 mills (330 micron) applied for fall-out protection and given the unique characteristics and challenges in applying metallic silicone paints.

The paint line is an integrated painting and drying solution that consists of:

  • Two large-format automatic glass spray painting machines with advanced CNC control capabilities and extensible drivers up to 5 axes which allows criss-cross painting for maximum opacity
  • A drying machine with upgraded software for optimizing the drying process
  • Two lift loaders with arms utilizing a telescopic function specially designed for automatic loading and unloading of 4.68 by 1.15-metre glass panels and loading them into the line and unloading at the end of the line.

GOLDGLASS helps customers to grow their painting and finishing business with a choice of machinery that guarantees high Cost-Benefits – high technology level, easy to operate, save time, manpower and energy. Most important, the company guarantees clients to maintain a high-quality standard on their final product and allow them to stand out with their projects.

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