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Golden Glass Awards 2018 Ceremony – fifth edition

The Golden Glass Awards took place in Shanghai

The fifth edition of the Golden Glass Awards had almost 500 attendees, and included speeches, reports and discussions from important companies involved in the glass industry.

The fifth Top 10 China Glass Brand Appraisal-Golden Glass Award Ceremony organized by China Glass Network took place at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai with nearly 500 attendees.
The Golden Glass Awards – China Glass Industry Value Forum 2018 Award Ceremony – included a number of speeches, reports and discussions from important companies involved in the glass industry.

The opening speech was given by Gao Han, CEO of China Glass Network, and was followed by reports from Pengshou, President & Chairman of China Triumph International Engineering Co.,Ltd. and Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry, and Li Yong, General Manager of National Glass Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, followed by a speech from overseas buyers on opportunities brought by Southeast Markets for Chinese Glass Enterprises.
Before the actual ceremony, there was also a discussion about the exploration and innovation of the glass industry.

The Enterprises Award includes the Top 10 Brands for leading companies in fields of sheet glass, decoration glass, appliance glass, glass chemical accessories/materials, building glass, glass products, glass tools, glass machinery and equipment, forerunner for ‘Belt & Road’, and emerging outstanding companies.
The Product award covers:
* Innovative product award (10 enterprises),
* Personal Award:
* Prize for Outstanding Contributions (5 people);
* Prize for Glass craft (10 people)
* Prize for Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs (10 people)

Amy, Director of, said: congratulations to all the above companies and individuals. We also give special thanks to our co-organizers: Tianjin NorthGlass Co., Ltd, Guangdong Jieren Glass Co., Ltd, Heyuan PengXiang Smart Technology Stock Co., Ltd, Shandong Giantrun Building Materials Co., Ltd, and Hangzhou Jinglass Technology Co., Ltd.

With the development of foreign trades and technological upgrades, the Chinese glass industry is now also witnessing a boom period of restructure and production chain transformation.
However, it still has a long way to go to build world level glass product brands.


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