Glaston: order for tempering line from North American glass processor

The close to EUR 4 million order is booked in Glaston’s Q1/2022 order book and the line will be delivered in Q4/2022

Stricter building regulations and tighter glass quality requirements drive demand for safety glass. In North America, the glass processing market already shifted towards high-quality safety glass processing some years ago and this development has further accelerated.

A Glaston customer, one of the leading glass manufacturers in North America, needed additional capacity with the highest quality of the end product, the highly tailored line with the highest amount of automation and flexibility for high capacity thin and thick glass production met the customer’s needs.

“This is a highly customized solution, taking advantage of our flexibility and ability to respond to the customer’s requirements and needs. This tempering line fits perfectly for customers requiring extreme capacity with the highest flexibility,” said Kimmo Kuusela, VP, Strategic accounts & Innovation, Architectural business at Glaston Corporation.

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