Glaston insulating glass manufacturing series: MULTI’ARRISSER

Throughout this series, Glaston will delve into the cutting-edge advancements and innovations in insulating glass (IG) production.

The new glass arrissing machine, MULTI’ARRISSER has been transforming insulating glass (IG) production for two years now. In this episode, Gennadi Schadrin, Head of Research & Development at Glaston Germany, will share the reasons behind its creation and discuss the significant benefits it offers to glass processors.

MULTI’ARRISSER, the cutting-edge glass arrissing machine, was introduced to the market two years ago. Its development was spurred by two key driving factors. When dealing with glass, accidents, such as cuts, can happen very quickly. Consequently, many countries have been witnessing a growing trend toward higher safety requirements.

MULTI’ARRISSER actively uses several digital features. In addition, the machine has been continuously developed to make even more data available. This includes energy consumption, water consumption or compressed air consumption. When more data is transparent for the maintenance personnel, any irregularities can be reported and addressed timely.

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