Glaston Innovation Days 2021

Glaston Innovation Days 2021 is a three-day virtual event presenting the latest innovations and trends in glass processing

Taking place from June 16th to June 18th 2021, Glaston is organizing the first ever Glaston Innovation Days, a virtual customer event on the latest innovations and trends in architectural, automotive and display glass processing. At the event, Glaston’s product and industry experts share their insights on the latest developments in glass processing technologies demonstrating new exciting opportunities.

During the three-day virtual event, starting on Wednesday, June 16th, two sessions are organized daily, one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon thereby enabling easy attendance for participants around the world, from all time zones.

“As we all know, possibilities for face-to-face meetings and factory visits have been extremely limited during the past year and also exhibitions have been postponed. Given the current circumstances, Glaston Innovation Days is our way to share information with our customers on new trends and showcase our latest products and services”, said Glaston’s President and CEO Anders Dahlblom.

In Glaston’s R&D work, projects and innovations related to a higher level of automation and utilizing the possibilities offered by digitalization, have been firmly at the center of development, and positive progress has been made. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of remote services and support, and at Glaston, last year saw an increasing demand for digital and cloud-based solutions.

The architectural glass session covers, among other things, industry-leading development on digitalization and automation of flat tempering and laminating processes as well as information on the new insulating glass solutions like e.g. the new glass arrissing machine MULTI’ARRISSER and CORNER’REFINER for sealed IG units. In addition, Glaston Services for architectural glass presents the Service Upgrade Kits for insulating glass equipment as well as the Virtual Engineer.

In the automotive and display glass session, insight is shared on thin-glass pre-processing and a new automotive glass machine generation is presented. Solutions for demanding bent glass applications such as complex windshields and sunroofs are also covered in the session. Subscription-based services and the Virtual Engineer are introduced by Glaston’s services experts. For display glass solutions Glaston shares its know-how on the latest innovations and trends in processing of display glass for various application fields.

The registration for this customer event is now open here.

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