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Glaston has been a proud supporter of the IYOG2022 ending in December

December 2022 marks the end of the UN-designated International Year of Glass 2022 and Glaston was a proud supporter of the initiative, which underlines the circular nature of glass and its role in saving energy

For the entire glass industry, this has been a very important year to raise public awareness of the importance of glass as a high-performing and environmentally responsible material. This year has celebrated the role of glass in building our society and its ability to support the circular economy and energy saving. It has also stimulated glass research to find better solutions to the challenges we face today, including sustainability and improved quality of life for all.

In addition, the IYOG2022 has been a good way to remind people of the significance of glass as growing environmental pressures and the energy crisis are faced. Today’s energy-efficient buildings play a key role in combating climate change and reducing energy costs.

“This year has been a great opportunity for Glaston, as a frontrunner in the glass industry, to work more closely with the industry. We have been proud to participate in the global activities addressing the importance of glass and making its role as a high-performing and environmentally responsible material better known,” said Marko Mökkönen, Director, Industry and Stakeholder Relations at Glaston Corporation.

Building the industry together
Throughout the year the glass industry got together at numerous international and local events. The IYOG2022 got off to a grand start with an opening ceremony in Geneva. One of the highlights to be mentioned was the Glasstec 2022 exhibition in Düsseldorf after the 4 years break.

As an example of local activity, Glaston participated in the glass art exhibition in Nuutajärvi, Finland, home of one of the most esteemed glass companies in the world. Glaston exhibited glass samples produced with its glass processing machines. One was an ultra-thin 1-mm bent safety glass for car displays that drew a lot of attention. In addition, tempered and laminated glass samples were featured to demonstrate the best safety features of glass.

Start to the future
As was stated in the United Nations’ vision for the IYOG2022, we’re celebrating the past, present and future of this transformative material. This is not the end – but only a small moment dedicated to marking the long legacy of glass and its importance to society.

In June 2023, Glaston will once again warmly welcome the glass industry and other stakeholders to join Glass Performance Days (GPD) in Tampere, Finland, a forum dedicated to the development of the global glass industry through an exchange of ideas, concepts and innovations.

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