Glasstech Asia x PERAFI Webinar attracts audience from 12 countries

GlasstechAsiaxPERAFI webinar on "Façade Designs & Applications: The International Perspectives", attracted over 140 attendees from 12 countries

Riding on the success of the previous webinar, co-organised by Glasstech Asia and PERAFI (Indonesian Façade Association), the latest edition of Glasstech Asia x PERAFI was held virtually on July 29 and focused on the international perspectives of façade design and applications.

Subject-matter experts from around the world shared valuable information on tackling and overcoming challenges faced in the industry. The online sessions recognised the need to keep up to date with the latest developments and supported a better understanding of best practices in façade design and their applications for different countries.

Putri Anindia from Astra Land Indonesia, hosted the webinar with the following speakers:

  • Anna Pravinata, Principal of Alliiance
  • Henry Sonten, Estimating Manager of Construction Specialties
  • Jayrold Bautista, Associate TS&D Scientist of Dow Performance Silicones
  • Monique Suksmaningsih, Regional Board Director of Broadway Malyan

The webinar commenced with an understanding of façade design considerations in cold climates which was shared by Anna Pravinata, Principal of Alliiance. Attendees learnt about the factors to take note of such as thermal value, occupant comfort and durability.

Adding on, Henry Sonten, Estimating Manager of Construction Specialties, presented the variety of performance louvres and its resistance against rain, while ensuring proper air circulation. He also proved that louvres can be integrated seamlessly and aesthetically into building design.

“It was important to have the design work with the weather and not against it,” added Putri Anindia, Astra Land Indonesia.

On a larger scale, Monique Suksmaningsih, Regional Board Director of Broadway Malyan, explored the transformation of streets, neighbourhood and districts through numerous case studies and architectural design plans.

“About how things are changing (due to the pandemic) – residential areas, retail trends, workplaces and so on – we ensure that the developments are future-proof and aligned with what was envisioned,” said Monique Suksmaningsih, Regional Board Director of Broadway Malyan.

Lastly, an in-depth technical analysis of having cold bent façades in building design was given by Jayrold Bautista, Associate TS&D Scientist of Dow Performance Silicones. He emphasised the importance of communicating with the silicone supplier to ensure a long-lasting design.

Webinars on-demand
Besides these live sessions, Glasstech Asia x PERAFI webinars also features on-demand components that are only accessible to delegates that have an account on the Glasstech Asia Virtual platform.

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