Glasstech Asia 2019 comes to a close

A total of 3,500 visitors from 16 countries gathered at Glasstech Asia 2019 in Jakarta, regarded as the ‘Glass Hub of Southeast Asia’

Glasstech Asia 2019, which was officially opened on November 12 by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Dody Widodo, Senior Advisor to Minister for Deepening, Strengthening and Spreading of Industry, Ministry of Industry, Republic of Indonesia, successfully ended on a high note with a total number of 3,500 visitors and conference delegates from 16 countries.

The three-day international glass showcase for the Southeast Asian architecture and building industries spanned over an exhibition area of 10,000 square metres at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) and saw the participation of 124 exhibitors from 14 countries. The showcase was jointly organised by Conference and Exhibition Management Services (CEMS) and Singapore Glass Association (SGA). The event was hosted by Indonesia Flat & Safety Glass Association (AKLP), and locally partnered with Royalindo Convention International.

The Glasstech Asia series is reputed as the ‘Glass Hub of Southeast Asia,’ which provides regional and international industry players a broader understanding and deep knowledge in glass manufacturing, processing, products and materials sectors. Apart from being the preferred platform for architectural glass and processing needs, the showcase serves industry players from across the globe looking to tap into the growing market of Southeast Asia. The showcase also hosts the gathering of international experts from the glass industry to present the latest in glass technology and innovation, as well as to address the latest developments and challenges facing the industry.

Glasstech Asia 2019, which was held concurrently with Fenestration Asia 2019, played an important role as a learning hub when it hosted two conferences for delegates who represented all areas of the architectural glass industry – The Living Glass Conference 2019 by Indonesia Flat and Safety Glass Association (AKLP), and the soft launch of the Greenship NETZERO conference by the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI).

The conferences presented topics pertaining to the growth outlook on construction and flat glass industries in Indonesia and ASEAN, the applicability of glass in Indonesian and ASEAN architecture, as well as a forum to discuss achieving sustainability for building facades. The conferences were attended by prominent glass associations from around the region, leading architects as well as experts from the construction and glass manufacturing industries.

For the first time, the Glasstech Asia series featured a Glass Installation Competition bearing the theme of ‘Fabricated Transparency’. A total of five glass exhibitors – Toko Wahyu Abadi, PT Himalaya Jaya Abadi, PT Glassindo Adimukti Abadi, PT Fantasi Aneka Gelas Internasional, and Simpati Kaca – took part in the competition where they were given the challenge to install glass panels on steel window frames within an allotted period of time in the presence of a panel of judges and audience. Toko Wahyu Abadi won the competition as the Gold trophy winner, Simpati Kaca and PT Himalaya Jaya Abadi were awarded the Silver and Bronze trophies respectively at an awards presentation ceremony.

The international showcase was supported by Association of the German Trade Fair
Industry (AUMA), Australian Glass & Glazing Federation (AGGA), Flat Glass Alliance of the Philippines Inc.(FGAPI), Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI), Malaysia Glass Association (MGA), Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM), National Glass Association (NGA), Philippine Chamber of Glass & Aluminium Industry Inc (PCGAII), Safety Glass Processors Association of Malaysia (SGPAM), Taipei Glass Commercial Association (TGCA), Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), Thai Plate Glass Industry Association (TPGIA), United Architects of the Philippines Singapore Chapter (UAPSG), and Vietnam Glass Association (VGA).