Glassman Europe 2013: conference timings announced

The upcoming Glassman Europe event has announced the times of the conference taking place parallel to the exhibition. The conferences will discuss market trends and analysis, technology developments, case studies and innovation.

The Glassman Europe conference will be held in conjunction with the exhibition and provides a platform for the hollow and container glass manufacturing industries to meet in an intimate, relaxed environment and hear from industry leaders discussing market trends and analysis, technology developments, case studies and innovation.
Day 1 – Tuesday 7 May 2013:
14:00-14:25 – Building a glass plant in Poland, Johannes Schick, CEO, Stölzle Glass
14:25-14:50 – Energy Saving, Production Increase and NOx Reduction – ggENOx – the Omnipotent Solution, Claas Heymann, Engineering Manager, Glass Global
14:50-15:15 – Glass under pressure, John Stockdale, Environmental Director, British Glass
16:00-16:05 – Lead-free ceramic colours for decorating glass, Małgorzata Marecka, Senior Specialist, Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials
16:05-16:10 – Method of application of nanostructured, reflective, colour and/or colourless coatings on glass, Elżbieta Żelazowska, PhD, Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials
16:10-16:35 – Decision making in the glass industry, John Henderson, Henderson Technology
16:35-17:00 – The Tses Glass Project, Simon Kapenda, Chief Planner & Economic Development, Tses Glass
17:00-17:25 – ancorro – lowering of refractory corrosion, Rolf Weigand, Project Manager, TU Freiberg (Freiberg University)
Day 2 – Wednesday 8 May 2013:
09:35-10:00 – Efficient use of electric melting in tableware production, Laurent Derigny, Project Engineer, Arc International/AGMS
10:00-10:25 – EU politics, Darwin and the European Container Glass Industry: what do they have in common? Adeline Farrelly, Secretary General, FEVE
10:25-10:50 – Electric Boosting Technology for Glass Melting Furnace: Optimization of Furnace Design by Mathematical Modelling, Miroslav Kovac, Glass Service
10:50-11:15 – How to improve forming and save energy, Mauro Ferrero, Director of Sales, Pneumofore
11:15-11:40 – The variation in forehearth operation performance statistics, John McMinn, Managing Director, Forehearth Services
11:40-12:05 – Zero defect production: the ultimate state of process control, Jeroen Vincent and Michael Podgorski, Xpar Vision
12:05-12:30 – Innovation in the cold end, a combination of hardware and software, Michael Nisius, Product Manager, Heye International
13:30-13:55 – Automatic and objective measurement of annealing stress and cord stress in container glass, Henning Katte, CEO, Ilis GmbH
13:55-14:20 – Optimization in container inspection using intelligent software, Laurent Barel, Product Manager, Tiama, MSC & SGCC
14:20-14:45 – Advanced turnkey vision solutions, Jørgen Læssøe, President, JLI Vision
14:45-15:10 – Improvement of existing stemware production lines, Klaus Pöting, Athena
15:10-15:35 – The importance of a monitoring system for container glass manufacturing, Andrea Borgno, Manager, Vertech Italy and Mélanie Basset, Quality Manager, Vertech