GlassBuild Connect – schedule sneak peek

22 days, 44 educational sessions, 600+ products

The opening of GlassBuild Connect, NGA‘s new glass and fenestration online experience, is the culmination of many months of work by the NGA staff to bring a new way to connect to exhibitors, peers, industry experts, educational speakers and more.

Here is a sneak peek as to what you can expect in terms of educational sessions starting with September 1.

Tuesday, Sept. 1

1 p.m. ET
GlassBuild Connect Kickoff Roundtable 
This kickoff roundtable conversation  is an informal welcome to GlassBuild Connect from two owners who are also National Glass Association volunteer leaders.  Listen in as they share what they’ve learned and what they’re looking forward to.

2:30 p.m. ET
The New Normal of Design and Construction: Industry Roundtable 
What is the current state of building design and construction, and what are the opportunities for glass companies? Hear from a panel of industry representatives as they discuss the pre-pandemic versus current state of design and how the trajectory has changed.

Wednesday, Sept. 2 

1 p.m. ET
Silicone Coatings: An Alternative to Ceramic Frit for Spandrel Glass 
Sponsored by ICD High Performance Coatings  
This session will provide education about silicone-based coating technologies that can be specified, fabricated and installed as an alternative to ceramic frit for spandrel glass applications.

2:30 p.m. ET
Field testing of Newly Installed Fenestration 
Learn about the use of AAMA 502 and 503 as part of an overall quality program to ensure that fenestration products are correctly integrated into the building envelope.

4 p.m. ET
Glass & Glazing Technical and Codes Update 
Hear from the National Glass Association’s technical and advocacy team on the need-to-know updates to energy and safety codes, as well as updates on what’s happening at other standard-setting bodies.

Thursday, Sept. 3 

1 p.m. ET
Prompt Payment Clauses, What to Watch Out for and How to Negotiate Them 
This session takes a deep dive into construction contracts. Find out which prompt payment clauses can help your firm get paid, in full, on time. And learn how to negotiate for prompt payment clauses.

On Demand
Inside the Install, from the Shower Door Pros  
Check out a brief demonstration from shower door professionals every #InstallationThursday at GlassBuild Connect,, as they tackle challenging and exciting glass bath enclosure projects

Friday, Sept. 4 

1 p.m. ET
Best of Tech Talks with Fenestration Canada 
Fenestration Canada takes over education at GlassBuild Connect with a check in from President Stephane Labelle and Window + Door editor Emily Thompson, followed by a curated playlist of the most popular Tech Talks from the year.

Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day) 

1 p.m. ET
Energy Code Evolutions in 2020 
This session will review codes and standards updates important to the North American glass industry; presented by Tom Culp, Birch Point Consulting & NGA codes consultant.

2 p.m. ET
All About Safety Glazing 
This session will answer common questions about safety glazing, including test standards, labeling, certification, and quality control.

Tuesday, Sept. 8 

1 p.m. ET
Keynote Presentation:Annual Industry Economic Forecast
This session from ITR Economics will help you determine the best course of action for the most important part of the economy – you and your businesses in the construction industry.

Wednesday, Sept. 9 

1 p.m. ET
Keynote Presentation: Global Glass Industry Trends 
How has the global glass industry evolved, innovated and changed in recent decades? Hear insights from longtime industry veteran Jorma Vitkala, who recently retired from Glass Performance Days, about the transformative trends in the industry—from glass design, performance, processing and more.

2:30 p.m. ET
Smart and Sustainable Cities: The Turning Point 
Europe is at the forefront of implementing solutions to address climate, economic and demographic challenges in urban areas using steps from the Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI). Hear about the program and what lies ahead for North America.

4 p.m. ET
All About Glass: Architects’ Top Questions Answered 
In this session, a panel of glass industry experts will respond to top questions from the design community.

Thursday, Sept. 10 

1 p.m. ET
What Contractors and Subcontractors Need to Know About Integrated Project Delivery 
IPD, in which Owner/Developers, Design Professionals, Contractors and Subcontractors agree in advance to work collaboratively in the design and construction process is becoming more commonplace in the construction marketplace. Join the webinar and learn about how IPD affects your role and responsibilities on a construction project.

2:30 p.m. ET
InstallationMasters Overview 
FGIA provides a broad overview of installation methods per consensus-based industry standards and reinforce the importance of proper installation.

On Demand
Inside the Install, from the Shower Door Pros 
Check out a brief demonstration from shower door professionals every #InstallationThursday at GlassBuild Connect,, as they tackle challenging and exciting glass bath enclosure projects.

Friday, Sept. 11 

1 p.m. ET
Preparing a Test Plan for Certification 
In this WDMA presentation, Rhonda Schotz, UL, will summarize the various building codes and industry standards that apply to fenestration, the required testing need to certify the product and assist manufacturers in creating test plans that maximize the ability to certify non-tested products.

Monday, Sept. 14 

1 p.m. ET
Preventing IG Failures: A Forensic Investigation
FGIA presents a best practice approach for the manufacture of quality insulating glass units with this Forensic Investigation of IGU Failures.

2:30 p.m. ET
Preventing Scratches and Edge Damage 
Learn how to prevent costly scratches and edge damage on glass, from industry consultant Mike Burk.

Tuesday, Sept. 15 

1 p.m. ET
Veka Academy Spotlight: Plant Tour & Town Hall 
Join Veka for this inside look at the factory, followed by insights and discussion, including live Q&A, on the current state of industry from its executive team.

2:30 p.m. ET
How to Meet Workforce Needs  
This presentation will show where the industry is headed in terms of recruitment and provide ideas to grow the number of craft professionals to meet the current and upcoming demands.

Wednesday, Sept. 16 

1 p.m. ET
How to Achieve More Efficiency and Durability in Window Construction 
This session, presented by Continental, explores Total Solar Reflection (TSR) and how to achieve low heat buildup of window profiles and will also demonstrate the outdoor performance of Continental’s skai Cool Color Plus exterior laminates.

2:30 p.m. ET
Security Glazing for Schools 
Find out about the range of solutions the glass and glazing industry can provide to keep school occupants safe, learn about the test standards and code requirements, and hear guidelines for designing safer schools.

Thursday, Sept. 17 

1 p.m. ET
Making Quality Management Your Competitive Advantage 
Installation issues can be costly for glazing contractors, in terms of time and money. Learn how quality management systems help glazing firms develop and implement the procedures that reduce errors, improve efficiency and create better outcomes.

2:30 p.m. ET
The Glass Evidence for a Second Shooter  
This session will take a forensic approach to the lasting debate associated with the JFK assassination, using glass as the material witness.

On Demand  
Inside the Install, from the Shower Door Pros
Check out a brief demonstration from shower door professionals every #InstallationThursday at GlassBuild Connect,, as they tackle challenging and exciting glass bath enclosure projects.

Friday, Sept. 18 

1 p.m. ET
What’s Going on with Fenestration in Canada? 
Fenestration Canada’s technical director Al Jaugelis addresses the current realities for Canadian manufacturers and suppliers.

Monday, Sept. 21 

1 p.m. ET
A Glimpse Behind Roto’s Manufacturing Curtain  
Roto North America is excited to present our extensive manufacturing capabilities on September 21, 2020, during GlassBuild Connect’s Manufacturing Monday series

2 p.m. ET
Preventing Glazing Surprises in Appearance Properties 
This session will focus on the appearance properties of glass and glazing to mitigate unanticipated outcomes of various treatments.

On Demand
NGA AIA Courses – The Fabricated Glass Bundle 
NGA is an approved AIA Provider of CES credits and, thanks to the involvement of our volunteer members, has nine approved presentations as part of its resource library. As a special offering at GlassBuild Connect, three courses are available for on-demand viewing.

Tuesday, Sept. 22 

1 p.m. ET
What’s up with Canada? 
Join Glass Canada editor Patrick Flannery and four leaders of the Canadian glass industry for an interactive discussion of the Canadian glass and fenestration industry: what’s the same, what’s different, what works, what doesn’t and why.

2:30 p.m. ET
The State of Home Improvement: Current Realities for Contractors
Grant Farnsworth presents the findings of its monthly surveys of hundreds of contractors to get a consistent pulse on project behaviors and implications caused by COVID-19. Plus, key takeaways of what this data means for manufacturers.

On Demand
Announcing the Honorees! Glass Magazine Awards Special Recognition Program: Innovation During Crisis  
During this special presentation, Glass Magazine editors will announce the honorees of the 2020 GMA Special Recognition Program: Innovation in Crisis.

Wednesday, Sept. 23 

2 p.m. ET
FGIA provides a broad overview of the harmonized North  American  Fenestration  Standard (NAFS), discussing basic performance requirements and window testing. The session will also provide an overview of the FenestrationMasters Program.

Thursday, Sept. 24 

1 p.m. ET
Inside the Install, LIVE  
For the final Installation Thursday of GlassBuild Connect, join Showcase Shower Door’s Chris Phillips as he addresses FAQs from installers.

Friday, Sept. 25 

1 p.m. ET
Legislative and Regulatory Insights for the Industry
In this session, WDMA’s advocacy staff will provide an in-depth look at key issues facing Washington and the industry as a whole and where they’re headed.

Monday, Sept. 28 

1 p.m. ET
What’s Trending in Manufacturing: Panel Discussion 
Join representatives from leading residential and commercial glass fabricators and suppliers as they discuss trends in the industry, top challenges, Industry 4.0 and more.

2:30 p.m. ET
Women in Construction Roundtable 
Hear from a panel of women executives in the construction industry, including the new president of the National Association of Women in Construction. In the midst of an ongoing labor shortage, how can companies recruit more women into the construction field?

4 p.m. ET
NGA Advocacy Update 
Hear from the NGA Technical and Advocacy team about key market developments and how they might impact glass and glazing industry companies.

Tuesday, Sept. 29

2:30 p.m. ET
Glass Can’t Do That, Can It? A Closer Look at Next Generation Glass Technologies
This session will explore the proactive research, development and execution of glass applications that provide a value-added experience to users and occupants.

4 p.m. ET
Project Insiders Case Study: Collaborative Performance 
The success of high-performance projects relies on collaboration among all project team partners, from the architect and GC to the glazing system supplier and glazing subcontractor. Hear leaders from across the industry as they discuss the performance achievements on a notable high-performance project.

Wednesday, Sept. 30 

1 p.m. ET
Glass Solutions from Italy: Panel Discussion 
Hear from a panel of industry leaders in glass manufacturing equipment from Italy as they discuss trends in manufacturing.

2 p.m. ET
There’s a Glass for That 
Glass as a material has widespread technological, decorative and practical uses. Its list of properties and capabilities has allowed glass to impact modern architecture in a way that distinguishes it from other building materials, resulting in high-performing facades and unique experiences for its occupants. Learn why glass is the material of choice to enhance spaces where people live, play, learn, work and heal.

2:30 p.m. ET
Green Building Certification
Learn about the new and improved 2020 NGBS, how it helps architects and builders design and construct greener, more sustainable buildings, and the role windows, skylights, and doors play in helping buildings earn certification.