GlassBuild America goes on

Important Update on GlassBuild and Hurricane Irma.

We received the following press release from the team of GlassBuild America:

We have been getting questions on whether the state of emergency declared for the state of Georgia means that GlassBuild is canceled.

The answer is, no.  As we have been reporting, unless and until the Mayor of Atlanta and the Governor of Georgia declare a state of emergency and require evacuations for the Atlanta area, the show will go on as planned.   Even though the governor of Georgia has called for a state of emergency to expedite the receipt of FEMA assistance, all facilities and hotels in Atlanta are open.  As of now, Atlanta Hartsfield Airport is planning to remain open.  The most recent forecasts for Atlanta are showing a downgraded event throughout the day Monday.

The only scenarios that will cause the show to close are: 1. If mandatory evacuations are required in Atlanta; 2. If the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) is directed to close their facility.

At this time, we have be assured by local authorities that there is a very small chance of either scenario happening. We are following established operating procedures and protocols common to all trade shows and events.

Of course, NGAWDDA is most concerned about the safety and security of our registrants and our staff.  Please use your best judgement in regard to your own personal safety when deciding to come to Atlanta.

REMINDER to exhibitors: If you are late arriving, the show floor will be open 24 hours for you to set up and into Wednesday morning.

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