GLASS-WRAP launches “Ready-to-Use” and “Pay-per-Use”

GLASS-WRAP, together with its partners in Europe and the USA, announces the pre-launch of its Ready-to-Use and Pay-per-Use services to the flat glass industry.

'Ready-to-Use' when ordered, the GLASS-WRAP packaging is pre-fabricated to the exact dimensions required and delivered within 72 hours. The customized packaging, barcoded when required, ensures quick and simple packaging of the glass. Likewise, after delivery by GLASS-WRAP to the final customer, all is packed back into the carton for pre-paid pickup and return by GLASS-WRAP.  
Ready-to-Use covers some 70% of the industries required glass sizes, with larger dimensions available upon request. GLASS-WRAP now offers a 4 in 1 solution for virtually all types and dimensions of flat glass.  
The Ready-to-Use service is the result of two years of intense testing and trialing of the company's packaging as well as intimate interaction and information exchange with a number of medium and large companies in the flat glass industry. FEURER Febra GmbH from Brackenheim Germany, GLASS-WRAP's first exclusive partner, signed off on development of this GLASS-WRAP packaging version, which fulfills all logistical requirements. 
Pay-per-Use in combination with GLASS-WRAP's proprietary packaging Ready-to-Use offers a fully integrated logistical service.  Customers no longer pay for packaging but only get charged for one-time use. If selected, the customer will find that besides the convenient packaging, GLASS-WRAP or its exclusive partner will arrange delivery to the customer, transport and delivery to the end-user and pickup and return of the packaging from the end user to the nearest GLASS-WRAP distribution hub.  
In addition GLASS-WRAP, together with its logistical partners, insures the product against damages.  The company claims that the total cost savings compared to packaging, transport, insurance and packaging disposal cost considered normal by the industry today, have been proven to be as high as 60% or more. 

GLASS-WRAP packaging is 100% recyclable and grants access to general cargo forwarders or even courier services, normally not available to the flat-glass industry. The minimized dimensions of the packaging and greatly reduced risk of damages in combination with a much higher loading grade, ensure that both packaging and transport are now available in the most environmentally friendly manner.
The Ready-to-Use and Pay-per-Use services are currently available in Germany, and will be extended into the other EU countries once sufficient demand and the required infrastructure are in place. In the USA the service will become available on a limited basis at the end of the first quarter 2017 and will be expanded in line with demand and the required infrastructure there. Other countries planned for this year are Japan and the United Kingdom.