Glass Technology Services announces partnership in the AI6S project

The AI6S project will develop a novel toolkit for process optimisation within the foundation industries.

The AI6S project aims to reduce energy consumption and waste, shorten turnaround times and improve companies’ abilities to meet challenging specifications.

The novel technological approach will be integrated into a lean six-sigma framework for rapid adoption across the foundation industries. The algorithms will be implemented in a software platform that can easily be incorporated into other quality and enterprise software tools.

Martyn Marshall, principal glass technologist, said, “Here at Glass Technology Services, we will be examining the annealing of glass containers, looking for optimised lehr performance and combining existing calculations. We will consider not only the annealing lehr performance and thermal profiles, but also the exit temperature to optimise the cold end coating applications.”

This is one of several new projects funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) which share the objective of developing new technology, reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency across the foundation industries.

For further information, read the full project write up.


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