Glass Strength Coalition calls for research proposals

The Usable Glass Strength Coalition (UGSC) is seeking Research Proposals focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship between Surface Structure, Surface Chemistry and the Strength of Glass.

Specifically, UGSC is seeking proposals to answer the fundamental question: Where and how do flaws nucleate in glass?
The mission of the UGSC is to develop an industry driven and supported pre-competitive research program to identify critical parameters for improving the usable strength of glass.
While research into the strength (and weakness) of oxide glasses has been the subject of interest in both the glass and fracture mechanics communities for many years, very little improvement in the practical, useful strength of these materials has been realized.
The proposed UGSC structure is based on the premise glass companies cannot independently support a fundamental research agenda to understand and significantly improve the usable strength of glass. However by working together with pooled funding and shared risk, the opportunity to significantly improve the usable strength of glass is achievable. The proposed coalition will focus on “pre-competitive research” with the following key benefits to coalition members:
• A fundamental understanding of the initiation of flaws in both simple and multi- component oxide glasses, including new tools and analysis techniques.
• Ensuring that glass science research continues at the university level and to provide industry guidance on the direction of research.
• Fostering collaborative relationships between industry members and between industry and universities.
• The development of the next generation of glass technical experts and researchers.
For more information on relevant approaches, and appropriate responses, please see

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