Glass Service to approach the Colombian glass market

Glass Service will be at Colombia Glass

Glass Service will participate in Colombia Glass 24-25 October 2017 in Bogotá.

Glass Service, A.S. (GS) is based in the Czech Republic with branches in China, the Netherlands, US, Russia and Slovakia; furthermore, it has representatives in many other countries but not yet in Colombia.
By participating in Colombia Glass, the company will display its activity and products to the local glass professionals mainly focused on the hollow glass sector.
Glass Service consulting services deal with glass melting, furnace modelling, advanced furnace control and operation, troubleshooting optimization of furnace designs and their performance, raw materials.
The company has its own laboratory for glass defect analysis and analyzes more than 2000 defects per year, in order to provide the clients with suggestions on how to solve or reduce the problems.
GS has developed a “Supervisory Advanced Control System”, known as the Expert System – ES III™. It is a complete supervisory control system designed for on-line control of glass melting, forming and conditioning processes. This technology provides: process control stability, energy and costs savings, emission control, forming consistency, time-saving.
The company has recently launched its new website.
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