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Glass Service Italy: Cold test for ACHT Group furnace

Glass Service Italy announced that the construction of the new glass production plant in China for the ACHT Group in Anyang, Henan Province, China, has reached the cold test phase: and Glass Service’s technicians have successfully completed all the necessary tests.

This is the company’s second installation of a furnace for the production of borosilicate alpha 50 neutralized glass at ACHT.

The furnace, with a production capacity of 25 tonnes per day, is equipped with:

  • a bubbler barrier to improve fining and homogeneity of the glass melt;
  • electric bottom heating;
  • zirconium drain;
  • DHPT platinum removal technology.

Eco-friendly Solutions

  • Oxygen/Natural Gas Combustion System: by utilizing a combustion system that combines oxygen and natural gas, we significantly reduce harmful emissions;
  • 4-Section Electric Boosting: this innovative feature enhances energy efficiency and further reduces our carbon footprint;
  • Hybrid Furnace: the combination of advanced technologies in our hybrid furnace plays a key role in minimizing CO2 emissions.

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