Glass Packaging Institute welcomes new member companies

Arglass Yamamura and Ripple Glass join GPI as members

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is pleased to welcome a new member to the association, Arglass Yamamura, and to welcome back Ripple Glass as it renews its membership. Both companies are exceptionally important to the glass recycling and manufacturing industries across the Southeast and Midwest, and serve as everyday glass champions in the United States.

Arglass Yamamura is a glass container manufacturer headquartered in Valdosta, Georgia. Construction began in 2019, on what will be the first new US glass container plant in nearly 20 years. The Arglass plant will serve food and beverage customer markets in the Southeast, with furnace operations and bottle production scheduled to begin in the 4th quarter of 2020. Ripple Glass, of Kansas City, Missouri, is an innovative glass recycler and processor serving Midwest container and fibreglass end markets.

“We are pleased to welcome Arglass Yamamura and Ripple Glass as members of GPI, ” said Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) President Scott DeFife. “Both are taking innovative steps and showing creativity in expanding and improving glass manufacturing and recycling in the U.S. today. I look forward to working with them to help grow markets for glass and showcase glass containers as the most sustainable domestic package in the circular economy.”

“Arglass Yamamura is honoured to become a new member of GPI. As a new glass container manufacturing company, our goal is to help glass become the preferred packaging material for those producers and consumers that need a flexible, efficient, and sustainable solution for their glass container packaging. We look forward to working together with GPI in promoting glass as the preferred packaging material for those consumers looking for a safe, attractive, dynamic and sustainable packaging material,” said Founder and CEO of Arglass Yamamura, Jose de Diego Arozamena.

“Ripple is excited to support the efforts of the GPI under exciting leadership and look forward to a bright future for glass packaging use and recycling,” said Ripple Glass’s Director of Sourcing Lydia Gibson.