Glass Manufacturers Alliance’s Winter Conference 2019 discussed new technology and new laws

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance’s (IGMA) Winter Conference 2019 ran 4-7 February in Austin, Texas presenting new technology and new law issues.

How Nanotechnology is Revolutionizing the Glass Manufacturing Industry was presented by Larry J. Eichel at the Glass Manufacturers Alliance’s (IGMA) Winter Conference 2019 for DryWired, an award-winning, Los Angeles based cleantech firm that distributes nanotechnologies globally. The presentation discussed how nanotechnology is evolving the building industry, namely advancements in glazing coatings, allowing thermal protection to be more affordable and effective than ever before. Certain nanocoatings use solvent-borne metal-oxide nano-particles and an inorganic adhesive binder to form a self-levelling clear coat that is only 10 microns thick and can bond directly to glass and polycarbonate surfaces. This nanocoating is more cost-effective than traditional window film, can be applied at either the manufacturing level or as a retrofit, and is able to block up to 99.9 per cent of UV rays, up to 85 per cent of IR rays, and maintains up to 80 per cent of VLT.

Another main topic discussed at the conference was the new California AB 262 law, requiring an environmental product declaration (EPD) for flat glass. The new law states that all state buildings have to be accompanied by a global warming potential (GWP) report for four major materials: structural steel, carbon steel rebar, mineral wool insulation and flat glass. Helen Sanders, who serves as IGMA vice president said that an EPD will be required not only for each manufacturer but each facility and added that the issues are that flat glass is not the final product in the building and that if an industry-wide EPD for flat glass is done, half the manufacturers would be above the average and thus the maximum allowable GWP. Creating an industry-wide EPD for processed glass was also discussed, which would require fabricators to create EPDs as well.

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