Glass laminate of superlatives

sedak presents 18-layer laminate at glasstec special show.

Laminated safety glass in new dimensions: with 18 layers and a total thickness of about 30cm, sedak presents the
world’s thickest-ever laminate at the special show “glass technology live”, an outstanding example of the
dimensions the glass expert is able to laminate.
The exhibit shall inspire architects’ and designers’ imagination and open up new space for creativity. Starting in September 2018, sedak produces the biggest insulating and safety glass with dimensions of 3.51m x 20m; the second glass record sedak currently holds.

sedak is used to produce oversize glass to be used as a supporting structure, glass fins and beams from Gersthofen (Bavaria) are used worldwide as supporting elements for all-glass façades or roofs.
Designers created thus archetypal buildings with glass that have become landmarks. The House of European History in Brussels is an example, as well as the medical faculty in Montpellier, or a gigantic mall in Bangkok.

The exhibit at the special show is a laminate out of 18 layers, each one 15mm thick, bonded with SentryGlass interlayer., the about 30cm thick laminated safety glass weighs 3.6 tons.
Every single glass pane has a breaking strength of at least 160 MPA. “The physical characteristics of this extreme glass build-up allow for completely new ways in the construction with glass,” says Ulrich Theisen, General Manager at sedak, and emphasizes the significance of the in-house development.
Such glass constructions resist highest pressure loads and keep their transparency at the same time since the 18 Optiwhite glass layers do not reduce the view through the laminate.
Thanks to sedak’s lamination art, the heavy-weight is free from bubbles or other interfering contaminations.

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