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Friday, December 9, 2022

Glass Group proximity meeting: Indications for the future

The meeting held a few days ago in Puglia, Italy, was an opportunity for discussion and analysis among the glass industries part of the Glass Group and its main partners

Comparison and development of prospects for the future: these are the aims of the Glass Group proximity meetings. These opportunities to meet respond to a development program launched last year, when, in full pandemic, prefiguring the current economic scenario, Glass Group decided to focus on a synergy between the processing industries and the producers of industrial materials, promoting a paradigm shift that transformed customers and suppliers into partners.

The meaning of these partnerships with the main suppliers of the group was fully grasped in the meeting that took place May 20, 2021, in Bari at the headquarters of the Vetreria Termovetro Sud where all the players discussed the current market situation characterized by a constantly growing demand, glass shortage and continuously rising commodity prices. Guests of Umberto and Gianluca Pesce were the companies of the Glass Group – with Vetreria Deserto and Vetromat in attendance and all the others on call – Saint-Gobain and the Main Partners Technoform, Pellini Industrie and Fenzi.

Saint Gobain took part in the event, providing an overview of the market that confirmed a strong recovery with demand markedly prevailing over supply. For companies, it is therefore more essential than ever to take action in medium- and long-term planning of purchases. In the months to come, it will be crucial to have adequately organized supplies.

The serious conditions hindering the transport of goods on a global level were pointed out by the Fenzi group, which they are deliberating to continue to ensure the availability of their products throughout the national territory. Green Building was also discussed with Fenzi, as the group is oriented towards developing products to respond to market needs that will emerge in the near future.

In the session dedicated to Technoform, the company re-branding was presented to the group, which led to a change in strategy from supplying individual components to proposing complete solutions at the edge of the glass capable of guaranteeing greater quality and durability depending on the applications. This strategic change has led to a change in the name of all the products as well as to the development of new services and products created in response to the increasing customization needs of companies. In particular, a configurator was previewed, which will be accessible from the website and will allow the composition of the insulating glass to be determined.

With Pellini Industrie, a training programme was launched to take place within the companies of the group and will concern both employees in the commercial area and those of the production area. The programme will have the aim of specializing the glass industries in production of stained glass windows with integrated blinds. After a discussion on the various aspects of the market and on the continuous growth of requests for solar shading integrated in insulating glass, the companies of the group shown Pellini the need and desire to deepen their technical knowledge on the product.

Daniele Predari, President of Glass Group, said, “It is a delicate moment for the entire supply chain called to face criticalities that are putting pressure on supply chains, and it is essential for processing companies to review their organization to plan with supplies well in advance, assisting suppliers and customers throughout the supply chain. Working in total synergy and shortening distances is the only possible way to support each other and to dominate events.”

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