Glass Group: new acquisitions and partnerships

New acquisitions and partnerships for the Italian hub of flat glass

The number of Glass Group affiliates rises now to 18. Glass Group is the first completely independent Italian group bringing together leading glass companies with decades of experience in the transformation of high quality insulating glass units around its brand. New entries, at the end of the first quarter of 2021, are the Cappelletti and Roleri glassworks in Piacenza, Glastebo International in Bologna, Quidam in Cairo Montenotte (SV).

“Glass Group’s goal is to ‘create a system’ through synergies and strategic partnerships, effectively designing a large supply chain hub,” said Daniele Predari, President of Glass Group. “We are pleased to welcome 3 new leading affiliates to the group such as Cappelletti & Roleri, Glastebo and Quidam. We believe their addition also constitutes an opportunity for growth for the whole group that will benefit from their expertise and their driving force and, at the same time, will guarantee them to grow, in terms of size, know-how and as a reference point for the flat glass supply chain.”

The supply chain, in particular, is represented today by the glass factories, with which the group has a fruitful collaboration that has lasted for years. These include the main partners, the companies producing complementary products to glass for the production of double glazing (Fenzi, Industrie Pellini, Technoform) and the flat glass processing industries that are the driving force of the group. These companies managed to bring together actors who were linked by purely commercial purposes and who now share a common growth project. Glass Group is a “laboratory” that examines economic and production challenges that all companies face in their supply chain, from the largest to the smallest.

Additionally Sapiens spa, an employment agency, joins the Glass Group as business partners, and their aim is to promote the employment of young people in the industries of the sector. With Sapiens Spa, Glass Group will collaborate in the creation of a training centre for specialized personnel to be included in the glass processing industries with the goal of allowing young people to be able to enter companies with adequate knowledge of the material and production processes. This is a project that has a double objective: on one hand to train specialized personnel by accompanying young people in the world of glass and on the other hand to respond to the needs of companies that increasingly need specialized personnel.

The group was formed thanks to the aggregation of 5 founders (Mornagoglass Srl, Predari Vetri Spa, Vetraria Pescini Srl, Vetreria Romagna Srl, Vetreria Valfon Srl) and today boasts 13 affiliates (Aluvetro, Vetreria Lucana di Vetromat Srl, Vetreria Deserto Srl, Vetreria Biava, Podda Vetri Srl, Termovetro Sud Srl, Vitrum & Glass Srl, Vetreria Tacca Srl, Vetropadana Srl, Guidi Glass Srl and – precisely – Cappelletti & Roleri, Glastebo and Quidam).

In the current economic context, the companies belonging to the Glass Group have joined together in order to restart with their 100 million EUR turnover, 22 factories and about 600 employees, which constitute a significant share of the Italian flat glass market, estimated at 880 million EUR.

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