Glass for Europe: windows replacement in national recovery plans

Professional handyman installing window at home.

Windows replacement ticks all the boxes of the recovery fund: relaunching the economy in a sector deeply impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, creating jobs, delivering energy efficiency e CO2 cuts, improving EU citizen lives (e.g. energy poverty). Member States should be encouraged to allocate part of the Recovery Fund to finance building renovation and window replacement.

To prevent business from failing and keep the flat glass value-chain afloat, it is essential to safeguard a minimum level of activity in window and glazing replacement. While designing their national recovery plans, European governments should incorporate measures to incite consumers to upgrade their windows and glazing. This will not only generate long-lasting CO2 cuts that will support the transition toward climate-neutrality, but will also meet citizen expectations of a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

In a document released recently, Glass for Europe calls on Member States to develop specific roadmaps for replacing single and early uncoated double glazing. Minimum energy-performance criteria should at the basis of these retrofitting plans, as only the installation of the best performing products available on the market would guarantee the energy and CO2 savings Europe needs to meet its climate objectives.

Download Glass for Europe’s call for dedicated roadmap for window and glazing replacement here.