Glass for Europe talks about Circular Economy

Glass for Europe talked in Istanbul about Circular Economy in the European flat glass sector, at the Şişecam International Glass Conference

The use of recycled flat glass presents major benefits for the flat glass industry as it allows reducing both the energy needed for melting the raw materials and the CO2 emissions. In addition, by increasing the amount of recycled glass, it is possible to limit the process emissions, which cannot be avoided by switching to carbon neutral energy.

In his presentation, Cedric Janssens, Public Affairs Manager of Glass for Europe, shed light on the quantities of end-of-life building glass available in Europe and illustrated the climate, environmental and economic benefits of an increase of recycled glass in flat glass manufacturing.

The Şişecam International Glass Conference was held in conjunction with the 34th Şişecam Glass Symposium with the main theme of “Glass in the Sustainable Future: Achieving What is Possible”.