Glass for Europe launches EU energy label for windows communication campaign

Glass for Europe, the trade association of Europe’ manufacturers of building, automotive and solar-energy glass, has launched a communication campaign to support the development of a robust and simple EU energy label for windows.

Energy labelling has been demonstrated to one of the most efficient ways to help consumers make informed choices. By providing simple, relevant and comparable information on the energy performance of each window product available on the market, consumers will be able to make a knowledgeable purchase decision without being confused by overly complex technical information. An EU label will push energy efficient window solutions and serve as an additional incentive for manufacturers to develop ever better performing products.
During his speech about the energy transition to the Citizens Energy Forum last March Commissioner Arias Cañete said: “No consumer will change their behaviour unless they understand what’s in it for them. Consumers need access to information that is clear, understandable, reliable and delivered in real-time.”
“When one contemplates how much the choice of the right windows for each building can generate energy savings, reduced CO2 emissions and healthier buildings, an EU energy label for windows is urgently needed,” said Houchan Shoeibi, CEO of Saint-Gobain Glass and Chairman of Glass for Europe.
“With this campaign, we want to show that European authorities have the opportunity to develop an instrument that is good not only for citizens, but also for the economy and the climate”, he said.
The main purpose of the campaign developed by Glass for Europe is to inform citizens and decision makers about the added value of an EU label for windows “Window products have long been identified as a priority product for the development of an EU label and now is time for the EU to transform the try. An 18-month preparatory study is being finalised so the European Commission should be encouraged to make a meaningful regulatory proposal swiftly,” said Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe.
The campaign, built around a two-minute video clip, a specific website and the hashtag #Label4Windows is accessible online at

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