Glass for Europe: High-performance glazing and summer comfort

Glass for Europe has launched an informative video campaign which highlights the positive impact of glazing technologies on summer comfort. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the transformative potential of modern glazing in enabling EU buildings to adapt to a changing climate, reduce energy needs and curb CO2 emissions, all while prioritizing occupant well-being.

Advanced glazing technologies such as solar control glass can make EU buildings more resilient to heat waves. They help maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, ensuring occupants can withstand rising temperatures during the summer months. The video released illustrates how high-performance solar-control glazing minimise radiations while allowing ample natural daylight to illuminate indoor spaces. This balance promotes occupant well-being and creates a healthier indoor space.

The launch of this video campaign builds upon an informative paper Glass for Europe released in February, further reinforcing the importance of summer comfort. The paper provided valuable insights into the role of glazing technologies in enhancing occupant well-being and energy efficiency during the warmer months. By combining visual storytelling with the comprehensive information of the paper, this video serves as a compelling tool to educate about the potential of solar control glazing technologies in creating comfortable and healthy built environments.

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