Glass for Europe at Vitrum 2021 to discuss flat glass sustainability

Glass for Europe was at Vitrum Milan to talk about “Circular economy in the European building glass sector”

Glass for Europe took part in a panel during Vitrum 2021 on the topics of sustainability and flat glass recycling. The topic covered was “Circular economy in the European building glass sector” and Glass for Europe also took the opportunity to meet with colleagues of the International Community of Glass Associations.

“I was glad to speak on the state of flat glass recycling at Vitrum on behalf of Glass for Europe and I hope the industry efforts and willingness to collect and use more cullet were appreciated,” said Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe.

Flat glass is fully recyclable and can be re-melted to produce new glass products. Reintroducing high-quality recycled glass in the flat glass furnaces reduces energy consumption and therefore CO2 emissions. Increasing the quantity of high-quality recycled glass in the manufacturing process is a priority for the European flat glass industry.

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