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Being able to face the challenges this really tough period is bringing, is the main focus of industries worldwide. Glass

2020 has been – and still is – a year to remember, caused by the global negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Glass Company is facing up to the challenges this period is creating, thanks to its consolidated activities over the past decades, combined with the company’s most recent innovations, presenting products with cutting-edge technology, ease-of-use and affordable prices. A harmonious combination of simplicity and excellent performance, with ample possibilities of customisation, so that the proposed machines are tailored to the needs of customers.

The well-consolidated Glassmek range, created to show what innovation means for Glass Company, also includes Lasermek, for engraving and surface treatment of glass using laser technology.
Lasermek is a highly versatile modular machine that enables to obtain an extensive range of applications, with the engraving of any type of glass and the removal of any type of pyrolytic or silver coating. Available in a wide range of sizes, powers and types of laser sources, depending on the specific application required.

  • In the refrigeration sector, it is used in the manufacture of frozen food display cabinet doors, etching the transparent resistive coating of the glass, creating circuits that allow the heating of the glass at a controlled temperature, to obtain the anti-condensation effect.
  • It enriches the radiator sector, by means of the engraving of the elements for the creation of electric heaters, with a sophisticated design effect combined with the comfort of heating for residential homes and offices.
  • Lasermek can also be used in the bathroom furniture sector, where it is used to remove silver plating from mirrors, leaving the surface completely transparent, and creating patterns and functional effects with a high visual impact and added value.
  • In the railway transport sector, engravings with textured designs can be made to allow the passage of wi-fi used by smart phones, tablets and notebooks for the rail transport sector.

Engraving is also Flymek, which, thanks to the use of a high-tech laser module with a very high processing speed allows the engraving of clear float glass, coloured with paste, laminated, silk-screened, or painted with both organic and ceramic paints. etching the glass slightly superficially, as well as internally as per its thickness.
Flymek allows to engrave even small-dimensioned (8x8mm) Bar codes or QR codes on the glass for easy traceability, by means of a Galvo Scanner head, mounted both on a column and positioned so as to mark the glasses that are loaded onto the table of the tempering furnace, and on a mobile bridge.
Flymek can be configured according to specific production needs, as well as for different applications, such as cutting plastic in laminated glass, marking glass on the cutting table, etc.

Glassmek is not just engraving, it is also Firemek, a system for the production of fire resistant glass, already appreciated for its ease of use, which makes the production of EI glass no longer exclusive, also thanks to its affordable price, which makes it suitable for medium/small businesses, combined with its use of innovative technology.
The transition from a semi-automatic system to an automated system was the natural result of Glass Company’s continuous desire to research and develop its products. An intumescent and extremely transparent mixture based on Silica is prepared using a vacuum mixer, following a process controlled by PLC, and, thanks to a special dispensing pump, is poured between two or more glass sheets, according to the fire resistance to be obtained (EI30, EI60, EI90, etc.). The process is completed in the furnace, where cross-linking takes place by means of specially designed technology.

The company’s most recent innovations also include Plasmek, an innovative technology, created thanks to the experience of Glass Company, uses atmospheric pressure plasma for the surface treatment of flat glass. It is a cleaning and treatment cell that allows an alteration of the surface tension of the glass in a single step, increasing the adhesion of the products applied in the immediate subsequent stages of processing.
Among its many applications, the cleaning and preparation of glass – fundamental prior to digital printing or spray painting, as well as coating of any kind (for example antibacterial, antiviral, etc.), with the use of technical gases if necessary, in addition to compressed air, are the most impressive characteristics of this technology.
This processing is also essential for certain gluing and adhesion processes with other materials, or in flat glass lamination processes, to obtain highly performing finished products compared to standard products.

Glass Company is not only a manufacturer of special machinery and, for more than 20 years, has been providing exclusive equipment for the flat glass sector, such as painting systems, glass tempering furnaces, glass lamination lines with PVB, EVA, TPU, Water Jet, etc.
The company provides automatic painting systems for glass, sprayers made entirely in Italy with the collaboration of a company with 20 years of experience in the construction of these types of machines.
Extremely versatile in use, they can paint glass consuming a very small amount of paint (less than 500gr) or in continuous cycle, maintaining the same quality of painting. Colour changeover takes place in a few minutes and is managed by PLC.
The machine is made up of a pressurised dustproof booth, a very thin (a few microns) conveyor belt coated with a protective plastic film, long lasting and easy to dispose of. It can use organic or temperable paints, and, thanks to special sensors that detect the shape of the glass, applies the paint only where the glass is present.
The sprayer is also suitable for use with nano-coatings such as anti-limescale, antibacterial products, etc.
Glass Company also continues to offer its customers high-tech furnaces for tempering flat and curved glass, with very low energy consumption and suitable for tempering all types of glass on the market.

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