Glass and glass products manufacture in South Africa 2016

This latest report from Report Buyer focuses on the manufacture of glass and glass products, an industry that is dependent on demand from other sectors of the economy, all of which have been under pressure.

The glass manufacturing industry contributed 0.3% towards total manufacturing and the value of glass sales amounted to R9.317bn in 2015.
The industry is dominated by three large players: PG Group, which owns companies in both the building and the automobile glass sector; Consol Glass, the largest producer of glass packaging products in Africa; and Nampak, which has increased glass bottling production capacity and now manufactures one-third of all glass bottle products in South Africa. Role players have been the focus of Competition Commission enquiries into allegations of price fixing and the division of markets since 2010, with the most recent investigation focusing on the automotive glass fitment and repair services industry. ;
Imports of glass products, which are cheaper than locally manufactured goods, are on the increase and pose a threat to the local sector. During 2015 glass and glassware to the value of R3.509bn was imported, up from R2.870bn in 2014 and R2.566bn in 2013. In response the larger companies are looking at expansion in the rest of Africa in an attempt to offset declining domestic profits. ;
The Manufacture of Glass and Glass Products describes the industry in South Africa, highlights current conditions and discusses the factors influencing the success of the sector. Five industry players are profiled, including the dominant three manufacturers as well as Natglass Distributors (Pty) Ltd t/a National Glass, which is a manufacturer and wholesaler of flat glass, aluminium sliding doors, windows and mirrors, and Northern Hardware and Glass (Pty) Ltd, which manufactures glass products for the building and automotive industries.
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