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Glas Trösch is making climate-friendly float glass the default

With advanced thermal and solar control technologies, glass can significantly reduce the energy required for heating and cooling, even in large buildings. But efficient production processes are crucial to reducing the CO2 footprint even further.

Euroglas, a subsidiary of the Glas Trösch Group, takes this task seriously, producing flat glass that emits almost 20 percent less CO2 than the standard model industry EPD from BV Glas, the German Flat Glass Association.

Made possible was the low CO2 equivalent by manufacturing processes that have been optimised over many years, in which all available glass cullet is used in full for the standard float glass. In addition, Euroglas is increasingly utilising renewable energy sources and modern energy recovery processes. Thanks to the expertise of the highly qualified production team, the efficiency of the specially developed melting furnaces has also been further improved.

This climate-friendly float glass is available in large quantities and is offered at no extra charge. Produced by Euroglas, it is used in all further processed glass products of the Glas Trösch Group.

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