Glas Trösch helps preserving Bavarian treasures

In order to preserve the Bavarian cultural heritage, the architectural firm wörner traxler richter was commissioned by the Free State of Bavaria to design the museum Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte (House of Bavarian History). The urban context of Regensburg’s old town, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, served as a reference point for the building.

While the roof scape is based on the surrounding medieval building structure, the interior is modelled on the former Hunnenplatz and Eschergasse, which were located on this site.

Glas Trösch‘s triple insulating glass SILVERSTAR ZERO T as roof glazing and the triple insulating glass SILVERSTAR COMBI 51/26 as façade glass not only supply the interior with daylight, but also create a link between the old town and the Danube side.

This visual axis is also intended to invite passers-by to experience the spatial structure of the foyer, which is based on the former cityscape.