Glas Trösch: An oasis made of glass

In the heart of Doha’s Musheireb district, in Qatar, nabil gholam architects designed the microcosm Doha Oasis.

The ellipse-shaped main building encloses the landscaped courtyard and provides privacy, while a 30-storey tower holds the views. In addition to apartments, hotel rooms, restaurants and a shopping mall, the site houses an underground adventure park. Two glass sculptures that rise in the inner courtyard not only serve to let in light, but also provide space for the rides.

To ensure that the interiors maintain a pleasant climate even at high temperatures, the glass façade is made of coated glass with a combined thermal insulation and solar control coating. Glas Trösch‘s double insulating glass SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral 30/21 T ensures high light transmission at the same time, allowing optimum use of natural light sources.