Glas Trösch: 5-meter-high windows for a gin distillery

© Seraina Wirz

Large spans and over-height floors characterize SLIK Architekten’s new, shimmering silver YOND building in western Zurich, Switzerland.

© Seraina Wirz
© Studio Gataric

The architects’ choice of materials: concrete for the main structure, wood for the mezzanines and predominantly glass for the façade.

Glas Trösch‘s triple insulating glass SILVERSTAR SELEKT as almost room-high glazing with a high light transmission value ensures very good lighting of the individually designable interiors and also shows the productive interior life of the different tenants of, for example, a confiserie, a bike store or a physiotherapy.

The building, which corresponds to the zeitgeist of flexibility was awarded the “Prize for Good Buildings of the City of Zurich”.