Glas Troesch at Swissbau 2018

At this year’s Swissbau, taking place in Basel Switzerland 16-20 January, Glas Troesch will be focussing on protection and safety, with glass solutions for both interiors and exteriors.

Glas Troesch will be attending this year’s Swissbau inspired by the new SIGAB directive for greater glass safety, the issue of protection and safety is the key focus of the company’s display in 2018. Whether it’s shielding from heat or cold, noise protection, protection from injury or break-in, the trade fair booth showcases the Swiss glass manufacturer’s wide-ranging product portfolio.
Numerous glass solutions for both interiors and exteriors will be shown in one large and two small glass cubes. Glas Troesch also has a new addition to the family at this year’s trade fair booth: two illustrated figures guide visitors through the booth’s topics, helping them find their way around while highlighting the glass features.
Alongside a wide range of solar and thermal protection glass, new products such as Silverstar Alarm or Hyclean are also on display. While the Silverstar Alarm glass ensures reliable external protection, Hyclean offers ideal protection inside buildings: the antibacterial glass effectively and lastingly controls pathogens. A further highlight at the trade fair booth is the live ball drop test that shows just how robust and safe glass can be.
Two new products, Screenlight and Swisspanel Solar, show that glass can look good while delivering on its core features. Screenlight, a glass less than 20 millimetres in thickness, brings new brilliance to rooms and spaces: pictures or photos can be placed centre stage for individual kitchen and bath, boutique and hotel designs. The Swisspanel Solar photovoltaic modules also impress with their eye-catching designs. Thanks to a process developed in association with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, multicolour printing is now possible on the photovoltaic glass. The results speak for themselves: at the trade fair booth, decorative ornaments in nuanced shades of grey adorn the newly developed solar modules.
With over 110 years’ experience, Glas Troesch is the leading company in the manufacture, processing and finishing of glass in Switzerland and one of the most important European manufacturers and processors of flat glass. Quality of life through glass solutions is created at 60 locations in Switzerland, Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine, Moldavia, Hungary, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the US. Glass made by Glas Troesch is subject to stringent testing, allowing the leading Swiss glass manufacturer to guarantee the greatest reliability and safety, for example by means of its own standardised test stands.

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