Gillinder Glass focuses on product design & development projects

Implementing design concepts, custom details and new glass compositions to meet customer needs is a speciality for Gillinder and their team of experienced engineers

Gillinder Glass continues to expand with new product development projects through R&D work brought forth by existing and new customer bases. Product design work has become a focus for the team, collaborating with clients through their R&D process and assisting in designing new products for launch.

The Gillinder Glass manufacturing facility incorporates an in-house mould and design shop to facilitate new production or refurbishing of moulds. Customers benefit from internal capabilities to assist in development of product designs. Special collaboration with mould makers ensures superior quality parts that meet customer specifications, which can be produced with the most economic value and competitive advantage. Each set of customer moulds are proprietary property and are warehoused in an atmospherically controlled storage area. After each use, moulds are inspected and maintained to ensure consistent production of the highest quality glass.

Through the R&D process, there are various requirements for product testing and performance metrics. Gillinder’s fully equipped Technology and Quality Control Lab assist in these efforts in evaluating newly designed products through all development stages. Examples of testing equipment include a refractometer to measure and identify the refraction index, and spectroradiometer to measure chromaticity and intensity in shaped glass. Gillinder’s team of engineers collaborate and offer design change options to enhance performance, quality characteristics, and production efficiencies for optimum development. Custom gauges ensure adherence to critical tolerances and consistently produce quality products.

Gillinder Glass continues to lead the industry in the manufacturing of pressed and moulded technical glass solutions. Customers recognize the value of a hands-on approach, domestic partnership, and minimal lead times, all of which Gillinder offers in this crucial age for accurate and confident sourcing. New product development, custom design work and glass innovations make Gillinder Glass the trusted source for your next glass design project.