Giardina Group: 50 years of skills, experience, research and innovation

The north of Italy has been long known as a technology hub with a series of ‘historic’ and family-owned companies now in their second- and third generations. Giardina Group became part of this hub more than 50 years ago, working in a number of important sectors, including glass, now offering a series of high-tech solutions for the most demanding market and client requests.

“We are ready to respond to the needs and demands in this sector undergoing considerable growth.” These is how Stefano Mauri, co-owner of Giardina Group with his brother Riccardo, speaks about Giardina and its presence at the upcoming edition of Vitrum – the trade show on glass processing technology – taking place in Milan in October.
“The strategies and investments that we have carried out in the past few years have enabled us to further consolidate our presence in a sector where we are now a reference name, above all for technology dedicated to ‘large-sizes’ and jumbo glass sheets, and we have constructed several of these plants for the most important international groups. We have the technology, skills and solutions for roller or spray applications, able to satisfy each and every demand from the market and clients.”
All this will be confirmed at Vitrum, where Giardina Group will have a stand with TecnoFerrari, leading brand for digital printing.

At Vitrum, Giardina Group will have on show its products results from its commitment in the glass sector, with machinery for roller and spray applications, as well as for drying. This last process, which has attracted the attention of numerous glassmakers, and which is, without doubt, a flagship product of the Italian group, for use both in the production of glass and mirrors with UV, infrared and microwave systems.
“For some time now with important reference clients, we have started to experiment ideas developed for other sectors in the glass sector too,” explains Stefano Tibè, Sales and Marketing Manager. “Our ‘MOS’ technology is demonstrating how microwaves can be extremely efficient in the glass sector too when certain finishes are required. Moreover, if we combine top-level quality results with very low energy demand of this technology, it’s clear that MOS is a particularly interesting technology.”

Research and development are the two key-words that have that have characterized the entire history of the Giardina Group, and today more than ever they are the leit-motiv of a season of strong growth in all the sectors in which the group is engaged, with machines and complete plants for each and every technological area. These range from roller painting, powdering and spraying, up to automated and robotized lines with hot air, UV or micro-wave drying systems; from overhead lines to painting booths and special systems, to the most recent and innovative ‘Zerogloss’ excimer technology.

Since January 2018, production activities have been transferred to the large premises of the Group in Figino Serenza, near Como, northern Italy, which is the ‘historic’ premises of Giardina Finishing. All production of Giardina’s entire product catalogue – for the glass, wood, plastic and metal sectors – as well as for cement and composite materials, are now carried out there.
Another important step will be the opening of the Group’s new show-room/laboratory – the Giampiero Mauri Innovation Centre – will be inaugurated during Vitrum, and which is the culmination of a history of skills, experience, research and innovation that started almost 50 years ago. These decades have been marked by the constant commitment to the development and realization of high-tech solutions, machines and systems designed, together with clients, for those who will then have to work every day with those technologies, and offering the best possible solutions, whether more complex lines or the simplest machines.
And the Group’s new slogan – ‘Painting the future!’ – speaks about the group’s will to always be one step ahead – in the future – and to continue along the path of innovation.
“This is the idea behind the Giampiero Mauri Innovation Center, which was essential to be able to make sure that innovations are not just on show at trade fairs, but are also available to retailers and customers every day. This is why we decided to invest in a new, 2,000+ square metre building dedicated to testing with all Giardina Group technologies, available to anyone who wants to try out any type of machine with their own paint products, coatings or acid treatments, as well as spaces for meetings, seminars, opportunities for study and training. A permanent open house that will be a powerful image, communication and sales tool but above all a continuous demonstration of the quality and potential of our group’s technologies and skills,” concluded Stefano Mauri.

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