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GfE: The EC builds plan for industrial leadership in advanced materials

Recently, the European Commission (EC) published a communication on Advanced Materials for Industrial Leadership to outline its strategy for “advanced material” research, innovation and production in the EU.

The EC outlined its intention to keep the current EU leadership in this sector, reach strategic autonomy regarding advanced materials and attain Green Deal objectives with the help of research and production of advanced materials.

Glass for Europe is pleased to observe that the EC has acknowledged glass as an example of material for which research and innovation must be supported to enable greater well-being in buildings.

Within the numerous other sectors and priorities for boosting research and innovation on advanced materials, glazing material can play a key role, for instance on:

As argued by the journal Nature, glass is really the hidden gem in a carbon-neutral future.

Glass for Europe’s members stands ready to take their part in the research, innovation and production needs for advanced glass to contribute to the objective communicated by the EC and welcome the will to sustain the advanced material industry in the EU for the achievement of the Green Deal’s objectives.


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