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GfE: high-performance glazing essential for EU’s climate neutrality

Building glass and glazing covered by the EU Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act

April 22, the European Commission adopted the EU Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act as part of a package aiming at directing private financing towards sustainable activities across the European Union. Glass for Europe welcomes the recognition by the Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act of the role of building glass and glazing to contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

“Glass for Europe has always been clear that high-performance glazing is essential for Europe to move towards climate neutrality,” said Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe, in a statement released right after the adoption of the delegated act. The EU requires deep energy demand reductions in key sectors of the economy such as the building sector. High-performance glazing is the indispensable component of the energy-efficient windows that EU buildings will need to cut their CO2 emissions. “This taxonomy classification comes as a fair recognition of the instrumental role our sector plays in this transition,” Bertrand Cazes concluded.

Regrettably, the flat glass contribution to clean mobility advocated by Glass for Europe was not acknowledged in this first legislative act. Nevertheless, since the EU Taxonomy Delegated Act will be modified over time, further efforts will be necessary to ensure that automotive glazing is fully covered.

Once formally adopted, the first EU Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act will go under the scrutiny of the European Parliament and the Council. Glass for Europe keeps on following the work-stream of the Taxonomy Regulation in view of the release of a second delegated act for the remaining objectives in 2022.

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