Gethke Glas Gronau invests in a second Softsolution LineScanner

Gethke Glas Gronau from Germany purchased a second Softsolution LineScanner - the first LineScanner was bought in 2011

The deciding factors for further investments were a great working relationship, the new 16bit technology (65,536 grayscale), the easy handling of the software and also the new detailed sensitivity tool that allows the user to filter defects via a slider bar function.

The two LineScanners are used for glass quality testing on a Lisec insulating glass line and on a Bystronic insulating glass line to inspect single lites after the washer.

Lothar Schleiner, from Gethke Glas Gronau, is very satisfied as comprehensive evaluations and statistics are now carried out for both LineScanners. Everything is stored in a centralized LineScanner database archive and detailed customer certificates are created for each individual piece of glass.