Gerresheimer Tettau gets a new furnace for cosmetic glass

Gerresheimer has recently replaced the older of its two flint glass furnaces with a new, more powerful furnace and also upgraded the plant’s production technology.

The Gerresheimer Group’s Tettau plant manufactures hundreds of millions of glass containers for the cosmetics industry every year. Two furnaces operate around the clock to supply the production lines with their hot raw material; the molten glass that is used to make diverse bottles and jars for perfumes, cosmetic creams and other beauty products.
“Gerresheimer is an experienced partner to its customers in the cosmetics industry. Customer satisfaction is our quality and performance benchmark. We’re investing in our cosmetic glass production operations so that we can more effectively meet our customers’ needs in future,” said Bernd Hörauf, General Manager in Tettau.
The new furnace satisfies all statutory requirements of exhaust gases and air purity, and it has a completely sealed melting basin to improve energy efficiency. This will considerably reduce energy consumption. Gerresheimer’s investment in the Tettau plant is also providing new jobs and offering existing employees better job security. “All of the employees were involved in the project. They were very team spirited, and happy to accommodate all the inconveniences associated with the installation of a new furnace,” explained Bernd Hörauf. “Collaboration on projects like this is a very special experience and you can tell that they’re all very proud to have been part of it.” The same applies to Bernd Hörauf, who has been with the company for 33 years, and knows his plant inside out. “A new furnace is always a big event.”
Gerresheimer manufactures syrup bottles, molded bottles, dropper bottles, tablet jars, wide-necked jars, cream jars, perfume bottles, nail varnish bottles, roll-on deodorant bottles, vials and infusion bottles for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The cataloged product range currently includes several hundred standard products, plus many customer-specific designs.