Gerresheimer on track to deliver record financial year 2022

Gerresheimer delivers a strong first half of the year and is firmly on track to deliver double digit revenue growth with high single-digit growth in adjusted EBITDA and adusted. EPS in FY2022

website maker Gerresheimer AG, a leading provider of healthcare & beauty solutions and drug delivery systems for pharma, biotech and cosmetics, has reaffirmed its guidance for its financial year 2022 after delivering a solid second quarter in line with their plan.

This rounded off the best first half performance with organic revenue growth of 15.7 percent. Adjusted EBITDA grew by 7.3 percent.

“I am particularly pleased with the strong performance we have delivered in the first half of the year, which is further evidence of our successful transformation into a solution provider and system integrator with higher, sustainable and profitable growth,” said Dietmar Siemssen, CEO of Gerresheimer AG. “We continue to successfully navigate the challenges of the inflationary environment utilising its benefits from long-term energy supply agreements, hedges against energy price increases and its pricing power. We are seeing strong demand from our customers across our entire portfolio and are on track for another record year in 2022 as well as delivering for our mid-term guidance.”

Gerresheimer reaffirms its guidance for its financial year 2022 with double-digit organic revenue growth and high single-digit organic growth in adjusted EBITDA and adjusted EPS.

In the second quarter of its 2022 financial year, Gerresheimer generated revenues of EUR 445 million, representing an organic growth of 13 percent. The focus on investing in key growth drivers, such as High Value Solutions in pharma and beauty, regional expansion and contract manufacturing, is delivering results with sustainable, profitable growth across all divisions. Revenue growth was also supported by the current dynamic pricing environment, with contractual pass-through and sustainable price increases. Adjusted EBITDA rose to EUR 90m, an organic increase of 5.1 percent. Adjusted earnings per share (EPS) increased from EUR 1.28 to EUR 1.34.

Gerresheimer has been implementing a broad range of measures to manage inflationary impacts and to ensure continuity of supply of its system critical solutions and services. This includes long-term supply agreements, hedging contracts against energy price increases and passing on price increases. Looking forward, Gerresheimer will further improve its energy mix through the rigorous implementation of its sustainability strategy.

Gerresheimer also rearranged its financial position to support the execution of its strategy. In addition to the EUR 150 million promissory note issued in November 2021, the company signed a three-year EUR 150 million revolving credit facility on July 1, which addresses its refinancing requirements for 2022 in the amount of EUR 306 million, securing improved terms with enhanced flexibility.

The Primary Packaging Glass Division showed impressive organic growth of 19.4 percent. This was driven by strong demand for both tubular and moulded glass with a particular focus on High Value Solutions such as Gx® ELITE Glass. Adjusted EBITDA rose organically by 8.3 percent and was in particular influenced by higher energy cost.

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