Gerresheimer: Gx Elite Vials – top quality injection vials

These high-end tubular glass vials are Gerresheimers’ response to increasingly stringent customer demands and expectations on the pharmaceutical market including greater demands for patient safety, the company will be showcasing Gx Elite vials at booth B60/B64 at Pharmapack in Paris from February 5 to 6, 2020

Gerresheimer‘s Gx Elite vials have set new standards for type I borosilicate glass packaging. They are the result of comprehensive improvement and optimization measures in the tube draw and vial forming processes.

Extremely durable and free of cosmetic defects
Hans-Ulrich Pieper, Director Sales Pharma Parenteral Solutions Europe & MENA PPG, said, “Gx Elite vials are the result of a quality by design approach that spanned several years. The primary focus for Elite Glass products was to provide the safest product for our customers and patients. This effort has impressed our customers.”

The highly shatter-resistant vials are extremely durable, free of cosmetic defects and can be customized for specialized customer requirements. Elite Glass vials are produced using state of the art manufacturing platform with proprietary technology that creates a product that will exceed customers’ expectations. A specialized combination of design, manufacturing and handling improvements along with customized final packaging ensures that Gx Elite vials can be supplied for end-to-end improvements on all filling line applications.

These types of advancements make it possible for customers to supply products to the market as needed and reduce costs for the industry, which will ultimately help everyone.

Gx Elite vials are a step up from standard products, performing significantly better in com-pression and side impact tests

Intelligent defect recognition
All of Gerresheimer’s tubular glass plants that produce vials work with standardized monitoring, inspection, and packaging technologies, which consist of the Gx G3 and Gx RHOC systems. The inspection systems are developed by Gerresheimer Global Engineering and form a highly specialized vial testing platform that ensures the highest precision and quality assurance requirements for our customers glass packaging.

Complete with an enhanced, integrated system of modern HD cameras, the Gx G3 inspection system makes sure that cosmetic defects are identified reliably to support the production and quality control processes. The intelligent software detects and classifies the defects in a few fractions of a second, while the Gx RHOC system ensures dimensional quality with HD matrix cameras and a hyper centric ID camera.

Injection vials set the benchmark for primary packaging for parenteral drugs. Gerresheimer’s vials come in all sizes and exceed all international standards and pharmacopoeia requirements. The company’s application range includes custom solutions for high value products for combination healthcare devices, bioengineered and branded drugs, and other specialized pharmaceutical applications.